What is The $7K Omelette about?

This blog started when I took a solar-powered electric bike on a cross-country Amtrak trip and wrote a travelogue of sorts. Even though that trip is over, the blog continues with new posts exploring the same themes that emerged on the trip: climate, the energy transition, intentional community, and somatics (the mind-body connection).

Who’s writing it?

Hello, I’m Jake. I’ve been a postdoctoral researcher at Harvard for a few years now. My research connects the basic building blocks of atmospheric physics — convection and radiation — to the emergent phenomena of planetary climate. You can find all of my academic publications at my professional website. Besides climate, I’m really passionate about exercise of all kinds.

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A scientist shares personal reflections on climate change, academia, sustainable living, and somatics


Jake Seeley

Climate scientist @ Harvard. Passionate about intentional community, somatics, and envisioning life without fossil fuels.